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Sunflex Partials


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Thousands of dentists around the world have made the switch to Sunflex Partials.

In comparison to acrylic partials, Sunflex is lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible, with no metal clasps. When compared to other flexible options, Sunflex offers the perfect degree of flexibility, is more stain-resistant and does not discolor, warp or become brittle, providing maximum retention, stability and esthetic appeal. They are also the easiest flexible partials to adjust in-office, and teeth and claps can be added at a later time without demarcation lines. These advantages make Sunflex one of the finest solutions in removable partial denture treatment available today. Sunflex was named a Top 100 Product for 2008, 2010 and 2011 by the 150,000 dentists that read the leading dental magazine in the US -- Dentistry Today.

With Sunflex, you can create metal-free, lightweight flexible partial dentures that provide a natural tissue blend effect, with translucency that picks up the patient's natural tissue tone. This translucency is combined with a simulation of natural blood vessels that readily adapts to a variety of natural tissue shades. In addition to the natural coloration, each Sunflex partial is designed to follow the pattern of natural gum formations with thin clasp designs - making the restoration practically unnoticeable when worn.

You have a proven partial denture system that can be designed with a lightweight, metal-free base or used in combination with a cast metal partial framework for enhanced stability and natural-looking esthetics. With either option, you can be assured you are providing your patients with the finest in partial denture treatment.

Natural Esthetics

Your patients will benefit from the natural tissue blend effect of the thin clasp design and the translucency that picks up the natural tissue tone. Virtually invisible, Sunflex Partials give your patients the confidence they want in each and every smile.

Patient Comfort

Partial dentures constructed with Sunflex can be made very thin, reducing the bulk required for strength in acrylic base materials. The thinness yields more sensation while the flexibility of the material absorbs a portion of the shock of movement under mastication. From the initial insertion through continued wear, the patient experiences both minimal obstruction and minimal reaction to the stresses normally produced by rigid base materials.


Sunflex provides exceptional compressive, impact and bending strength and will not deteriorate chemically when it comes into contact with the fluids, bacteria and physical environment of the mouth.


Sunflex is monomer-free and hypo-allergenic.

Stress-Breaking Function

The flexibility of the Sunflex resin achieves the effect of a stress-breaker without attachments. The gingiva tissue is gently stimulated under mastication, and unnatural stresses on the remaining teeth are substantially reduced.

Sunflex Bilateral Partial Denture

The metal-free, flexible Sunflex Partial provides a fully-functional, yet esthetically superior, removable partial denture. Patients who have worn both conventional metal partials and Sunflex Partials report that Sunflex feels more natural in the mouth because of the thinness and lightweight design of the material. Additionally, patients report that Sunflex Partials give them more confidence when smiling and appearing in public because of excellent retention and the thin clasp designs.

Sunflex Unilateral Partial Denture

The unilateral Sunflex restoration provides you and your patients with an esthetic, functional design alternative to conventional cross-arch partial dentures. Base combined with the thin clasp designs provide maximum retention, stability and esthetic appeal.

Combination Sunflex with Cast Partial Framework Denture

The Sunflex partial denture can also be used with cast metal frameworks for natural-appearing esthetics. The combination of the cast metal framework with Sunflex provides enhanced stability because of the metal occlusal rests and the lingual rest seats, and is indicated for free end-saddle cases.

SunFlex Tool Kit

If further adjustments are necessary after insertion, they can be easily made with tools that were especially designed for the Sunflex nylon thermoplastic resin -- Sunflex Tool Kit.
The abrasive that is most effective with a handpiece is a green silicone -carbide abrasive point usually used for porcelain or precious metals. The Green Point will permit fine adjustments to be made with a minimal degree of roughness on the surface. Simply use a rapid motion (with a light touch) and continuously vary the contact point. The point can be used for effective reduction of the periphery edge, relief in tissue-contacting areas, and relief in supporting areas to relieve tightness or difficulty in insertion and removal.


Repolishing is often not necessary when the Green Point is used properly. If repolishing is necessary, it can be done with Coarse Pumice and Brown Tripoli using a soft rag wheel. A high luster can be restored to the surface using an acrylic-polishing compound following the Tripoli application.

Shade Selection

Sunflex is produced to remain translucent after processing, with a simulation of natural blood vessels. The translucency readily adapts to a variety of natural tissue shades. The resin Is also available in four different tones, ranging from lighter to darker: Light Pink, Pink, Medium Meharry and Dark Meharry